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Armed Forces Loans: agreements with assignment of the fifth

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The loans of the Armed Forces work in a similar way to the loans granted to public employees by the INPS, National Social Security Institute. The INPS, in addition to managing the Italian social security system, in fact took on the responsibility of the former INPDAP, which handled all the procedures relating to public employees. […]

Loans to employees: such as loans for public and private

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The category of employees is one of the most facilitated (if not the most facilitated) in Italy to obtain credit with often high amounts. Financial companies and credit institutions, when faced with the assessment of a credit request, have the fundamental prerogative of ensuring that the amount paid is repaid according to the pre-established amortization […]

Loans between family members: how to avoid money laundering checks

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How to exploit loans between family members to obtain new liquidity without incurring the attention of the Revenue Agency: is it possible? First of all, it must be specified that this kind of financing is perfectly legal, despite the fact that they can attract more in-depth checks by the tax authorities, if not carried out […]

Loans for Ancillary Business – Direct – Fast – Cheap

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  If you have an ancillary business. it’s often not easy. If the business is seasonal, then the money in one corner can sometimes be tight. But there is a need for funds to keep the business running, so that a loan for subcontracting would be accepted. First, the customer must see if he can […]