Loans to employees: such as loans for public and private

The category of employees is one of the most facilitated (if not the most facilitated) in Italy to obtain credit with often high amounts.

Financial companies and credit institutions, when faced with the assessment of a credit request, have the fundamental prerogative of ensuring that the amount paid is repaid according to the pre-established amortization plan.

Precisely for this reason those who are employed, in the majority of cases, have a secure income guaranteed by the employment contract (the salary at the end of the month) with which to face the installment commitment taken with the financial company or bank .

Loans to employees are present on the market under two different forms of credit: the assignment of the fifth salary (and loan for higher figures) or personal loan (also available for retired and self-employed).

To get a loan for employees there are some considerations to make

The greater the size and solidity of the company for which one works, the easier it is to access credit (especially in the case of a fifth sale where the providers also evaluate the employer).

In the case of public employees (state, ministerial but also employees of municipal companies) access to credit is relatively simple, a minimum seniority of 5/6 months and a permanent contract are sufficient.

In the case of medium / large and large companies (as long as the employer’s situation is solid) a two-year (in some cases less) and long-term contracts are sufficient.

The situation is more problematic for the employees of small companies where often the fifth assignment is not granted because the insurances do not guarantee the employer (especially in the case of sole proprietorships) for which it is necessary to use the personal loan.


An open-ended contract is required or, in the case of a specific time, the amortization plan must end before the contract expires.
Amounts obtainable in the event of a fifth assignment even up to 80,000 euros, in the case of personal loans 30,000 euros.
The applicant’s financial commitment (other loans, revolving credit cards and mortgages) is not too high.
In some cases minimum working seniority of 2/4 years (especially in the case of fifth assignment where TFR is committed which must have a certain consistency)  

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